viernes, 26 de mayo de 2017

Nowadays people are too afraid to have REAL contact with people. We have plenty of contacts on Facebook, yes; we talk to many people there, all the time. On Facebook and/or any other form of social media. We are engorged by our phones so much that we look at them even when we walk on the street. We don't bother looking where we're stepping on, no; we even expect the person walking towards us to move away! Because what we move away of actually is confrontation. The world we have created makes people avoid relationships of all sorts, making even the temporary ones a complete meaningless experience. People nowadays are scared of truly connecting with someone, afraid of making it last, terrified of commitment... And what's worse, they have become cold heartless children who would rather disappear than have an adult honest conversation. Just like that, as if anything ever mattered or even happened. What a cold world to live in! It feels like we're not human beings, that we do not respect each other, like we are not allowed to have feelings anymore. And what scares me most is that this is the legacy we are leaving the next generations. They will live in a world where people don't take any responsibility or ownership in their personal relationships, where being selfish is the right thing to do; they will be part of a society where being ignored by the person in front of you being on their phone is considered to be okay. Have a look around right now and see how many people around you haven't got a phone in their hands or near them, who isn't looking at one on the tube... This is it. We are the stupidest living species. By far!